Some projects you just believe in, and it has been amazing to watch this idea of how to engage families more in being present and putting down the devices you love. I loved working on this project with Josh + Jenny Solar, creators of the Happy Family Movement, for the phone monsters kickstarter campaign, and seeing it evolve into such an amazing movement. It would be awesome if you would help support this movement, either by sharing it, or pre-purchasing your own NED. Check out the kickstarter here:

Ned’s goal is to be the daily visual reminder to put down your phone, and pick up your life.

Here’s a little bit about how phone monsters got it’s idea.

I got my first smartphone four or five years ago and it seriously changed my life for the better! I was suddenly able to access my calendars… all my calendars… and my email right from my phone! I could take pictures of my kids and share them with the world instantly. I could check the weather, check in for my flight, check in for my haircut, and even add milk to my shopping list. We’re SO busy these days and having a smartphone makes so many things easier and more efficient… But there are downsides too… Fast forward five years and the same temptations still exist! But the scary thing is, they’re multiplying. New social media sites are popping up everyday, there are more and more news apps vying for our attention, and the games are getting more and more addictive… flying fruit and flying birds… it’s crazy. Having your face buried in your smartphone is socially acceptable… and it’s something we do too often. It took me a long time to accept and admit that I had a problem. But the truth is, my family is the most important thing in my life. One of our family values is ‘being present’ and it’s impossible to be present while staring at a screen. I realized that I didn’t want to be the kind of mom who paid more attention to her phone than her kids. Same goes with my husband. So I started looking for a solution for our family… and that’s when I came up with the idea for Phone Monsters. We made our first Phone Monster, Ned, two years ago from a Kleenex box.

I’m a bit partial, but I love the “Monster Shorts” we put together for an instagram/ social media campaign… here is the first in the series:

a Monster Short :: Bike Day from Campfire Studios on Vimeo.