Essence of Hunting

Andrew Schaefer started as a way to connect to people who have become attached to technology, as a way to introduce them to the world around them. The beauty that lies beyond the roads and parking lots. Shutting Off's goal is challenge people to use technology wisely without compromising their real-world abilities to solve problems, thrive in uncommon situations, and have meaningful interactions with the people they meet every day.

Hunters are the first conservationists.

Having never been on a hunting trip, I was excited to partner with Andrew and follow him into the woods to experience and capture what a hunting trip really looks like.  I always had the impression it was a bunch of red necks, drinking canned beer and then killing an animal.  But when we ventured deep into the woods outside of Vail, I knew it was a much different experience than what I had ever imagined.  Seeing Andrew and his dad, quietly explore the mountains, studying the land, clearing trash that had either be blown in or left behind and really connecting with the land around them.  I felt the sense of adventure and could understand why so many people are crazy about this sport.  After walking over 25 miles over the course of about 3 days, we never actually shot an animal, but I have realized that the essence of hunting is so much more than that.