Containers give hope.

What if you could really make a difference in someone else’s life without the risk and expense of travel? What if, instead of just writing a check, you could actually work on a project that would provide long-term help to those in need without ever leaving your hometown? Homes of Living Hope provides the framework for converting used shipping containers into functioning facilities such as clinics, schools and housing. We partner with volunteer groups throughout the country to build these facilities locally and ship completed facilities to partnering aid groups in communities throughout the world. Homes Of Living Hope works with our overseas partners on site selection and shipping regulations to ensure smooth delivery and installation.

A Recycled Shipping Container Can Change a Community.

Homes of Living Hope seeks to connect communities through service. They provide the framework for volunteer groups to unite their time, talents, and resources to transform shipping containers into full-service facilities such as schools and medical clinics for underserved communities around the world. They connect organizations, schools, community groups, churches, and corporations with a service project that takes minimal time and effort, yet makes a huge impact for those that need it most.